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Top 10 Paid Social Media Monitoring Apps


Top 10 Paid Social Media Monitoring Apps

By Mickie E. Kennedy, Founder of

There are time when doing your own social media monitoring just isn’t going to cut it. Here are the best ten social media monitoring apps that money can buy.

1.) Scout Labs

Scout Labs describes itself as “the simple, most intuitive way to measure and manage social media.” Scout Labs allows you to set up a search that your entire team can monitor, combs through millions of social media sources, and offers real time metrics for buzz volume, customer sentiment, industry analysis, and competitive share.

Scout Labs tracks sentiment analysis, which means you can see not only whether people are talking about your product or brand, but also whether they love or hate it-it’s sort of like a real-time, online focus group. A nice feature Scout Labs offers is the ability to turn any result into an action oriented task, and then assign it to a team member. Scout Labs also offers daily email alerts and a saved bookmarking feature that allows you to save and share any particular result you find important.

2.) Traceworks

Tracworks tagline is “set goals, plan, execute and optimize online marketing campaigns for all channels in one simple platform.” TraceWorks allows you to automate your paid search and direct email marketing campaigns, along with tracking your organize traffic. Tracworks offers a dashboard that includes: a completely customizable overview of all your activities, a summary of your natural vs your marketing clicks and conversions across all types of activities, and a personalized overview of goals and KPIs.

3.) Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you the ability to setup certain keywords to monitor on a dashboard, automatically track the keywords on blogs, image sharing sites and microblogging sites, and then have it report back to you with an analysis of the results. Data is captured in real-time as discovered and delivered to dashboard analysis widgets.

One of their best features is Marketing Cloud TV, which features videos from customers, other businesses, and even thought leaders to show you what’s hot in the field right now. It can be a huge help when you’re struggling for new ideas and to share your own when you’re really onto something.

4.) Shoutlet

Shoutlet allows you to create a social media campaign, distribute the content, track the results of your campaign’s effectiveness. Shoutlet allows for the creation of a campaign across a large variety of platforms-email, blogs, video, podcasts, mobile advertising, and more. Shoutlet allows for distribution to both free social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, and also for paid content placement across its partners networks. Shoutlet allows for real-time tracking of your campaign. As far as analysis goes, 3 different types of reports are offered: impressions (what people thought of your content), engagement (how many people clicked on, watched, listen to, etc., your content), and influence (how many times your content was passed along).

5.) iKarma

iKarma is all about harnessing the good things people are saying about you online. The main principle is that people like to do business with people they trust-and that trust is gained through referrals, testimonials, and word of mouth marketing. iKarma allows you to capture customer comments, display online testimonials, manage word-of-mouth, and get customer referrals and track and organize the results.

6.) SocialOomph

You may notice SocialOomph doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on having a “pretty” interface. This belies just how powerful their service is when it comes to social media monitoring! Keep an eye on all your channels and any others you deem worthy. You can also add various feeds for technology, breaking news, and everything else you want, all while posting from one location.

7.) Wildfire

With the idea of ideas “spreading like wildfire,” the Wildfire app shows you just how true it can be when you start monitoring your progress. Of note here is the “comparisons” page which lets you compare different companies against each other. For example, you can see how Domino’s is doing versus Papa John’s and Pizza Hut in the social world.

8.) Pardot

Pardot is a B2B online marketing suite that offers a huge variety of features and services, including email marketing, landing pages, CRM integration, campaign reporting, lead scoring, web analytics, sales alerts, search features, AND automation. Advanced micro-level web analytics allows Pardot to capture all relevant prospect activities, both on and off your site, and help you determine who is showing the most buying signals. There’s also an iPhone app and desktop prospect monitor.

9.) HubSpot

HubSpot focuses on 3 things: getting found online by more qualified visitors, showing you how to convert more visitors into leads, and giving you tools to close those leads efficiently. HubSpot has a variety of graders: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, keyword, page, and link-all of which give you ratings based on carefully chosen criteria, then show you how you can improve your numerical ratings. HubSpot helps you with lead generation through gathering intelligence and automated lead nurturing. HubSpot also tracks your reach, your competitors reach, and your blog’s analytics.

10.) Sentiment Metrics

Sentiment Metrics is an online reputation management service that not only monitors what is being said about you, but whether what is being said is positive, negative, or neutral. Sentiment tracker gives you detailed reports that you can break down by gender, age group, or location. It also sends you email alerts every time something negative is said about you online.




By Mickie Kennedy, founder and president of eReleases, the online leader in affordable PR distribution since 1998.
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Top 10 Paid Social Media Monitoring Apps
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Top 10 Paid Social Media Monitoring Apps
There are time when doing your own social media monitoring just isn't going to cut it. Here are the best ten social media monitoring apps that money can buy.

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